Why us?

If you want to say anything about health, you need to say it well. To influence behaviour or to educate effectively, health information must be well-targeted and clearly written. That’s where we come in.

Every piece of writing we do is:

  • accurate – we get the medical facts straight, base our content on sound evidence-based thinking, and include full references
  • current – we make sure the content is up-to-date, using the latest evidence-based sources
  • engaging – we keep it interesting, hook your readers and make them want to read more
  • clear – we pitch it right: when you’re talking about health to consumers, you don’t want to sound like a text book. We don’t dumb it down, but our plain English skills make any topic easy to grasp.

The Information Standards

In 2009 the Department of Health launched a new health information governance system called the Information Standard. The aim is to ‘kite mark’ reliable health information so that consumers know what they can trust.

To qualify for approval under the Information Standard, businesses and charities must be able to prove that they have reliable systems for producing and updating information and prove that their content is accurate and referenced to the latest evidence base.

We have been closley involved with some of the Information Standard founder organisations, so we are well-versed in the requirements for certification. For example, we know that you need to state the audience for each piece of health information, and we know which sources of evidence are acceptable.

Our writing and referencing services will help you achieve Information Standard certification, which is set to become a key stamp of trust within consumer health information online.