Briefing us

The following covers the questions we’d like answered when you brief us about a job:

1. Project background. Who is the client? What is the history of the project? What is the key background reading?

2. Purpose. Are we aiming to change behaviour or to educate?

3. Audience. Who is this aimed at? What is their level of knowledge, what are their current beliefs/practice?

4. Style. Journalistic? Scholarly? Factual? What does the client love/hate? This is where examples of successful projects or materials really helps.

5. Word count. 500 or 5000? Is there any leeway?

6. Delivery date and time.

7. Fee. We usually work to a daily rate (standard 8 hours with reasonable breaks, although on-site work may be longer if necessary)

8. Payment. What is your invoicing practice?

9. Key contacts. Who are we working with, and what are their contact details?

10. Debrief. What did we do well? What can we improve on?